"Where memories are made and families are cherished."

                                                             The Dobis Family

Our Story

In 1962, retired Naval Commander Ed Dobis and his wife, Grace realized that recreational vehicles were becoming very popular. Grace found a three line ad in the Los Angeles Times for the Lighthouse Trailer Park and Marina. Ed asked their son and daughter-in-law, Ted and Kris Dobis, along with their three sons: Mark, Ron and Craig to join them in moving to Big Bear Lake, California.


The Lighthouse Trailer Resort was established in the mid 1920's on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake. The Lighthouse was a "fishing camp" comprised of 20 rustic cabins, 15 RV sites and 10 wooden boats. Many years later and lots of labor, the Lighthouse Trailer Resort and Marina today is the result of 51 years of the Dobis family living and working together. Ed and Grace have passed on, Ted and Kris have retired. Today, their son, Mark, Mark's wife, Lori, and their grandson Max are managing the resort. All of Ted and Kris's sons and grandchildren, at some time, have worked to make Lighthouse Resort the gleaming jewel it is today.


The setting on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake has recreational sites, a large marina and a small store.